Enhanced Due Diligence

“How do I know that the people I am dealing with are who they say they are, and have the track record and connections they claim to have?”

Meridian utilises an extensive network of well-placed human sources and local language databases to provide clients with in-depth research on potential joint venture partners, vendors and acquisition targets.

Meridian carries out searches in the public domain in order to:

  • Establish the background and social standing of an individual and/or an entity;
  • Carry out positive and negative internet and media searches (in English and any local language) with respect to an individual and/or an entity;
  • Identify any links to ‘high risk’ individuals, PEPs or organised crime;
  • Confirm directorships and shareholdings through database searches;
  • Run County Court and High Court Judgement searches;
  • Establish whether an individual has a history of bankruptcy/insolvency;
  • Establish whether an individual has been involved in litigation proceedings;
  • Run checks on global sanctions and watch lists.

Meridian can also carry out searches in the non-public domain, using intelligence in order to establish the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of an entity, especially if the entity is suspect of fraud or criminal activity (i.e. terror funding).